Polarity Therapy

What is Polarity?

Polarity therapy is a blend of Ayurvedic tradition using the “Three Principles and Five Chakras” and Traditional Chinese Medicine’s  Five Element Theory and Yin/Yang teachings.  This system includes various touch techniques from a soft or Satvic touch, a deep or Tamasic touch or a stimulating or Rajasic touch that affects the finer electromagnetic energy currents to create a state of balance and restored health mentally, physically and spiritually.

A Polarity therapist believes that health is seen as the reflection of the quality of the energy field.  Health declines when the energy field is not healthy.  This system works with three types of energy currents in the human body: the Bipolar current that runs north to south (head to toe); the Transverse current that runs east to west (side to side); and the Umbilical Current that starts at the navel and expands outward.  A pulse diagnosis determines which current or currents need to be addressed.  The Polarity Therapist then applies various touch techniques to balance out these currents.

Many of the Polarity therapy techniques and its healing traditions compliment a Shiatsu or Reiki treatment. Polarity Therapy techniques at Inner Path may be integrated into a Shiatsu or Reiki treatment.