I can tell you how incredibly fortunate I feel to have found Inner Path and Nancy’s healing practices of Shiatsu and Reiki. I have been going to Nancy for over 5 years and in the very beginning was seeing her on a bi-monthly basis.

Her application of Shiatsu and Reiki provides a gentle way of healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. It works on multiple levels simultaneously and I found it to be an invaluable addition to my life for my health and well-being. She always spends time talking with me before every treatment to understand how I am feeling on that particular day, especially to make her aware of any issues or concerns I need addressed at that time. I have never felt rushed or uncomfortable before, during or after a treatment.

I would recommend Inner Path to anyone, no matter your age, gender, race or ailment. I would say that you need to approach this practice with an open mind and heart to enjoy the greatest benefits.

– Catherine, Yardley PA


I first came to Nancy in the early stages of an un-diagnosed arthritic condition that inflicted tremendous muscle pain in my shoulders and hips. The concept of Shiatsu was new for me, but my research supported the idea that it might give me good relief from the pain. From the moment I met Nancy, I felt her warm, intuitive energy that allowed me to relax and trust her in the process of the Shiatsu treatments. Throughout each session, Nancy checked in with me and was very responsive to my feedback. Each session brought me to a deeper level of relaxation which I feel in large part was due to my evolving trust and respect for the work and the practitioner. Nancy’s studio has a very soothing, relaxing, and grounded sense of place that contributes to the overall experience. I have become a strong believer in the value and the healing results that Shiatsu can provide and I’ve become a big fan of Nancy’s as I’ve moved through these last few months of treatments with her.

– Mike, Newtown PA


Thank you for a wonderful Shiatsu treatment! As the days went by, I had more energy than ever. I woke up (and still do) feeling quite “fog-less”. For a person who has been foggy for a long time this alone was (and is) a great boon. I was capable of taking on some pretty big projects without the emotional lows that I normally have. I seem to be able handle whatever is coming my way. Amazing!!! I just love how I feel and wanted you to know how much your Shiatsu has helped me. Also, I hope to be down to Pennsylvania before the end of June so I will definitely make an appointment with you when my plans are in place.

– Liz, Katonah NY


I really appreciate the Shiatsu treatment last night. I had no pain in my leg or hip from the time I left you until I went to bed, which was a dramatic improvement over the past couple of months. I was also able to walk more normally with almost no limp. Today I still feel more steady and balanced on my feet. Overall my energy feels very different as well. The thing that is so exciting about this for me is that it proves that with help like yours, I can heal whatever is going on in my hip physically, emotionally, and energetically without surgery! This has been my goal for several years. Thanks again, Nancy

– Nancy, Titusvill NJ

I had been visiting Nancy for several years for shiatsu sessions, and had always left the sessions feeling renewed in both mind and body.  This past Autumn, I was diagnosed with a very aggressive type of cancer.  I spoke with Nancy and she suggested that we do some Reiki sessions during and after my chemotherapy treatments.  I was so ill and in pain during that first Reiki session, that I didn’t believe that anything, at that point, could make me feel better.  However, the session was able to induce such a feeling of complete calmness in me that I fell sound asleep.  Subsequent sessions have helped me to continue to feel this calmness in my mind and body as well as to energize me both emotionally and physically.  The atmosphere of Nancy’s studio, plus her competent, calm and professional manner have helped me so much in dealing with my illness.

– Diane, Newtown PA

A friend with neck issues recommended trying Nancy at Inner Path to help me with a recurring neurologically induced arm problem.  Strength training and physical therapy had not kept my troubles in check.  Nancy’s techniques started producing results after two shiatsu treatments.  Her combination of therapies had profound effects on my physical and mental well-being.  It was the answer I had been seeking for thirty years!

– Cheryl, Yardley PA